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Greater Dallas Lifeskills & Anger Management Group

Anger Management Classes

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Participants will gain a new perspective on anger, how to keep control when their anger flares up, and how to better manage responses to provoking situations.

Individuals taking the anger management courses will discover ways to:

1. Reduce levels of anger.
2. Direct anger into healthy ways of problem-solving.
3. Learn effective coping behaviors such as time-outs, prayer to stop escalation.
4. Address issues with assertiveness and requests.
5. Identify triggering situations.
6. Establish a strategy and plan of action.
7. Learn to forgive.
8. Apply new coping approaches to more effectively control unhealthy anger responses.

To reduce levels of anger in provocative situations. To learn effective coping behaviors in order to halt escalation and to resolve conflicts.

Learn effective anger management skills.

The class consist of 12 lessons with class interaction and some homework. Class times are:

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday Evenings 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. You will only be allowed to take two hours per week so you must elect one evening or the other. A six week commitment is necessary to complete classes a minium of 12-14 hrs.

Classes are 50 minutes with 10 minutes breaks. No profanity allowed! While our staff is highly qualified with more than 26 years of experience we offer anger management classes based on simple baseline anger management studies that contain models and curriculum coupled with class interaction to produce a provoking study that inspires and engages the interest of the participants...

Lessons cover relationships
How to keep an anger diary
Assertive Responses
Emotional Triggers
How to Change Angry Thinking

Dr. Carl Robinson Ph.D.