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Court Ordered Classes

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Our court approved classes are  cogintive effective  and interactive! 

Court Ordered Classes

Our classes are Court Approved Dallas County Adult Probation, Denton County Adult Probation & Colin Court Adult Probation Departments. Our Approved Anger Management Classes meet the guidelines of each Court's system. We are a Certified Anger Management Training and Counseling Group

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In many cases the court systems may order anger management classes as a result of some sort of domestic violence or family disturbances and or charges of assault or violence. It is common and many people are seeking classes before they go to court i.e. the advice of their attorney.


We offer classes for court appointed cases that will show pre and post assesments to observe the student's level of progress and benefit to establish just what they have learned in terms of understanding their own anger and how to be cognitive and better manage their anger. Usually the classes can be completed in about 6 weeks primarily on Saturdays to give an entire week of study and homework over the 6 week period of instruction and class interaction.


(1) E-mail support
(2) Certificate of completion
(3) Letter of completion
(4) Progress report for your attorney, parole officer or judge upon request

  Curriculum is written by Dr. Carl Robinson Ph.D.

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Dr. Carl Robinson Ph.D.